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It is simply not possible for us to list all the beaches as the choice is just too vast. Whether you seek quiet and hidden charming coves and bays, miles of golden sands in remote locations or active tourist beaches and private beach clubs, there is so much choice. We have pebbles, cliffs, sand dunes and crystal clear waters.

Beach lovers can explore for months to find your favourite place. Rent a car, take a walk/ cycle along old coastal roads or book a sun-bed and parasol and be served food and drink whilst you enjoy a day of sunshine activities.

The larger public beaches and hotels are all served with restaurants, cocktail bars, water sports and beach comforts.

Get up early to witness stunning sunrises or hang around for the most wonderful sunsets. You can even book a sea turtle tour and witness Green or Loggerhead turtle hatchlings emerge from their eggs in late summer! Follow this up with some moon bathing in warm waters for almost 9 months a year.

You can also cross to the South and visit famous beaches such as the breathtaking Aphrodite Beach and Rock, Coral Bay and Fig Tree Bay.

Vision Group are always willing to share with you the more secret, non-signposted beach gems but… you must be able to keep a secret!