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You will not be surprised to read that Cyprus has a wonderful year round climate. If you come from a grey sky country, your outdoor activities are always dependent on a rare sunny day, or you are used to paying expensive heating bills. Once you spend time in North Cyprus, you will feel born again with the feeling of complete freedom to be able to reliably plan your outdoor activities. Simple things like opening the windows to enjoy a warm breeze, hanging your washing out for fresh drying or a walk to the shops, all are a pleasure in a Mediterranean climate. Knowing you can dine outdoors for 10 months of the year is a joy. Cooking and washing dishes outdoors is never a chore. Virtually year round the sea is warm and wrapping up in warm clothes is really only needed for 2-3 months and even then you will not need gloves and scarves, a warm pullover and light jacket will do the trick. In Cyprus, rather than preparing warm clothes, you just prepare to protect your skin and drink plenty of water. It is a whole new way of life and it makes you feel alive. You never feel stuck indoors!

In Cyprus we have long dry summers from May to late October with average daytime temperatures of over +30C, and winter is mild with average daytime temperature of 15C from mid December until mid February, while here are very short Spring and Autumn seasons. The temperature can be very high in July and August (around 36-38C) and you will enjoy the sea breeze and the shade of the olive groves or staying under a parasol at the beach. Mediterranean Region is all about a culture of long lunch breaks to escape the sun whilst dining with friends and family.

We also do see the occasional rain, however it is always welcomed and seems to leave the land, flowers and trees freshly washed and colourful. The rain season in Cyprus generally occurs mainly between November and March when the rain can last for only a very few days. On those days you may wake up to rain but by the afternoon, when you are sitting in the sun, you almost forget that in the morning it was raining. We also enjoy seeing snow in the Troodos mountains (South Cyprus) where many people from all over the island visit for a day of sunshine skiing.

Generally the lowest temperature of the year, usually in January, can be +10 Degrees Celsius with an average of six hours of sunshine. For the rest of the year the average temperature is approximately +24 Celsius in the day and +14 Celsius at night with over 10 hours of sunshine. July and August can be extremely hot often reaching over 30 Celsius.

The sea temperature is generally above +22C between June and November and can rise to +27C.

Wind is generally variable and moderate, surfers will particularly enjoy the west coast.

All in all the climate in North Cyprus is extremely comfortable, healthy and pleasant.