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Historical Sites

How can you describe thousands of years and history in a few paragraphs. Of course this is not possible and visitors need several months to explore all the sites of choice. So if you are a historian or a culture vulture, here is a small list for you to get stuck into.

    • Saint Hilarion Castle (apparently the inspiration for the Walt Disney Magic Castle)
    • Venetian Harbour
    • Kyrenia Castle
    • Shipwreck Museum
    • Bellapais Abbey

    • Famagusta Walled City
    • Othello’s Castle
    • Salamis Ancient City
    • St Barnabas Monastery
    • Buffavento Castle

  • Kantara Castle
  • Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque / St Nicolas Cathedral
  • Buyuk Han (The Great Inn)
  • Bedesten and Selemiye Mosque / St Sophia Cathedral
  • Apostolos Andreas Monastery
  • Vouni Palace
  • Soli Amphitheatre