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There is a huge choice ranging from hidden boutique hotels nestled in the hills and mountains to grand established resorts by the sea. One could spend weeks exploring the different choices as all of them welcome guests who wish to book a reservation or simply view the facilities. There are really no rules of entry and non-resident visitors love to breakfast, lunch or dinner and take in the amazing service and facilities. You can choose to join one of the super luxurious hotel spas and health clubs or just drink in the bars and clubs within the hotels.

Some of the hotels are like an adult Disneyland with some like mini cities that contain an incredible choice of things to do including water parks, private beach clubs, endless choice of restaurants, jazz and music bars and casinos.

Casinos represent a large part of the local economy and the majority are located within the hotels. Whether you enjoy gambling or not, the casinos are an exciting and glamorous evening out. If you do not want to lose your money, don’t take too much. The food and drinks are free and you will only need to spin the wheel once or twice to keep everyone happy.

A tour of the hotels may leave you feeling that you have been to Las Vegas and Disneyland all in one day.

The majority of the hotels are open year round with Christmas time particularly sparkling and exciting with superb offers of celebration packages that represent amazing value compared to world prices.

More than 50 high quality hotels have opened within the last 10 years with some of the larger providing up to 1,000 bedrooms.