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Kyrenia Harbour

This charming harbour deserves its own paragraph. Kyrenia Harbour is one of the the top tourist destinations. Surrounded by bars and restaurants created out of old Venetian dwellings or Carob warehouses, the harbour is a wonderful place to relax, people watch and see the fishing and tour boats departing and docking.

You can explore the giant Byzantine castle or wander into the cobbled back streets and visit the craft stores to purchase anything from beautiful carpets, crafts, books, paintings and the Nazar, the evil eye talisman, to bring good luck.

You most certainly need some Vision Group hints when selecting a restaurant in the harbour. Major tourist attractions worldwide bring many customers and some bars and clubs develop a certain complacency when it comes to quality and cleanliness. That said, there are some excellent places where you dine and drink with friends, you just need to know the right ones.