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Local Produce

If you simply desire to live of the land and you love cooking at home, you will adore the abundant roadside market shops that display a huge variety of colourful fruit and vegetables. There is no doubt that fruit and vegetables also like the Mediterranean climate as they are fresh and naturally delicious without preservatives and shipping damage. These roadside fruit bazaars are very popular with the locals and there is a reason – fresh for the day and super value. Some stock locally produced goods such as halloumi cheese, eggs, olive oil, nuts and bread.

Don’t forget some herbs to throw in the pot.

There is a wide choice of modern supermarkets fully stocked with some of your European favoured brands. Some people can’t live without Heinz Tomato Ketchup, small cut Branston Pickle and Marmite to name just a few. Following years of a growing international market you will find many Russian, German and Scandinavian brands.