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North Cyprus and has become a year round fun place for night time activities. From the buzzing restaurants to the bars and clubs, a fantastic live music scene, dance clubs, classical music nights and concerts. It is a good idea to dress for all occasions as you could start your evening in a roof top cocktail bar followed by a harbour side dinner, a quick casino visit, a dance and then a barefoot walk on the beach.

During the summer months the sky is a mixture of stars, fireworks and lasers. Someone is getting married, concerts are playing and music is everywhere.

Don’t be surprised to see worldwide superstars putting on a show at several of the grand modern hotels. In years past we have seen Natalie Cole and a Ten piece band singing under the stars at the Salamis ancient amphitheatre, Randy Crawford, Tom Jones and George Benson at Rocks Hotel and Turkish stars such as Tarkan and the amazing pianist Fazil Say.

Other famous residents from the old days included Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Raquel Welch, Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot.

Talking of film stars, if you fancy a movie night, we now have a choice of multiplex cinemas or even beach and outdoor cinemas often showing major sporting events.

Once again the choice is substantial, you just need sufficient time to explore.