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Restaurants And Traditional Cuisine

One would expect that a big part of Mediterranean culture is the food and North Cyprus is no exception. Turkish and Turkish Cypriot people simply love to celebrate at almost every mealtime. The concept of MEZE and grilled meat or fish is their speciality. Meze is similar to Spanish Tapas but with different ingredients. When you order a traditional Meze you should have an empty tummy to begin with. Many plates will literally fill your table like little tasters as your own personal buffet. You may be fooled into thinking that this is your meal ! You would be wrong when you suddenly realise that you are only on the first course. The courses keep coming moving from the Meze (vegetables, breads, smoked meats, and creamy pastes made from a variety of pulses) to a course of grilled local cheese and then comes the grilled meats and fish and it never stops coming. There are so many speciality traditional dishes and all seem to have a certain drink that should accompany each dish. The restaurants that serve such local food are extremely generous and one can have such a banquet even with a bottle of wine, for between £10 and £15.

North Cyprus also offers a worldwide choice including Chinese/Sushi, Italian, Mexican, Indian, French and you can even find fantastic classic English Sunday roast.

The choice of restaurants is huge. One could eat in a different restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day of the year! The location choices are also superb. By the sea, in the mountains , tucked away in a charming village, harbour side or in the grounds of an ancient abbey. Wherever you choose you will most likely dine al fresco for at least 10 months of the year.

Vision Group would love to give just one recommendation of a special places but this would be impossible within this website. The choice is just too great and each restaurant is special for so many reasons. We are always happy to share our local knowledge – you just have to ask.