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Aphrodite Wellness

Lefke, Gaziveren, Gaziveren
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Nestled in the enchanting coastal region of Gaziveren, Aphrodite Wellness is a visionary project for those seeking rejuvenation, relaxation and comprehensive beauty and wellness services.

Gaziveren is located at the west coast of Güzelyurt, in the western part
of Northern Cyprus and it’s known for its scenic beauty and agricultural
heritage. The region is famous for its citrus orchards and fertile soil, which make it
a hub for fruit and vegetable production. Visitors can explore the local
markets to sample the region's fresh produce, or take a tour of one of
the many farms in the area.

At the heart of this extraordinary real estate project will be Europe's largest wellness centre, an oasis for holistic healing and transformation. The spacious and modern wellness centre focuses on all aspects of well-being and provides a harmonious sanctuary where guests can find balance of body, mind and spirit.

In addition to the wellness centre, Aphrodite Wellness will have a world-class beauty clinic at that caters to the needs of people seeking aesthetic enhancements and personalised beauty treatments. The clinic will employ a team of experienced professionals who specialise in the latest invasive and non-invasive rejuvenation procedures, advanced skincare therapies and cosmetic enhancements.

Aphrodite Wellness is more than just a real estate development - it is an oasis of well-being where luxurious living blends seamlessly with comprehensive beauty and wellness services.

- Maintained Beach - Landscaped Gardens - Outdoor and Rooftop - Pools - Indoor Heated Pool - Spa & WellnessCenter - Health Center - Beauty Clinic - 3 Restaurants - Marina & Watersports

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